Good grounds for choosing Business Park Medel

You ‘re looking for a high-quality location for your company’s premises. Many hectares or perhaps a little less. Either way, you need good quality land on which your company can expand. With flexible land allocation and an adaptable settlement policy, Business Park Medel has plots from 2,000 m2 to 20 hectares so that you can do business precisely at your own capacity. Look at the plots on the map and learn more about an exceptional business park.

Bedrijvenpark Medel - Monique Spijker

Are you looking for a plot at Business Park Medel?

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Medel finalization / issuable 2022Medel 1

* No more directly issuable lots available on Medel 1

Plot sizes

Select the size of the plot that you want:

Medel completion / issuable 2022 Medel 1
Bedrijvenpark Medel Kavel kaart

No more directly issuable lots available on Medel 1

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