Park management, but a little bit different!

When you come to Business Park Medel, you ‘re buying more than just a great piece of land. New insights in park management are embraced here, including green management, sustainability, security, infrastructure and numerous services to streamline your company’s operations.

You play a part in the park’s management, as this is executed and monitored by the Coöperatie Medel, which all companies settled on Medel grounds are affiliated with. This is an active, creative club which initiates activities such as central purchasing, security, transport management, road signage and management of green areas. For example, there ‘s an initiative for a free fibre optic network. With the Coöperatie Medel as the driving force, you are guaranteed a quality working environment, value retention, security, cost savings and a high service level.

In addition, the OCT (Ondernemers Coöperatie Tiel) works as an umbrella organisation for the industrial areas in Tiel and as the driving force behind sustainable, economic and secure business practices in a contemporary, exceptional business park.

Business park with plenty of advantages

As a result of the collective management and the constant monitoring of the quality of life and work, the park maintains an excellent service level. Besides its own fuel station complete with catering facilities, there is also a professionally equipped truck-wash. With fencing around the site and camera surveillance, security for you and your people is guaranteed. What more do you need from your business park?


Coöperatie Medel secures Business Park Medel. This includes mobile surveillance and intelligent cameras, many of which have license plate recognition – 365 days per year, 24 hours per day. Security is entrusted to Stichting Beveiliging Bedrijventerrein Tiel (SBBT) which, jointly with Lijo Collectieve Beveiliging, secures all the industrial areas in Tiel.

Management and maintenance

Bedrijvenpark Medel beheer en onderhoud

The Coöperatie Medel is ambitious and strives towards realising a high-quality business park. Based on consultation, the municipality of Tiel provides and manages planting, street furniture, public lighting, roads, waterways (green), sewage, water supply for fire-fighting and civil engineering works.

Fibre optics

Bedrijvenpark Medel Glasvezel

Besides the A15 and the Amsterdam-Rhine canal, a fibre optic network is the third most important ‘artery’ connecting the Business Park Medel. The Coöperatie Medel works with Glasnet Tiel to provide all premises in the Business Park Medel with a free fibre optic connection right up to the fuse box. Glasnet Tiel is a fully open fibre optic network ‘from, for and by entrepreneurs’. The team at Glasnet Tiel is ready and willing to answer any questions you have. Go to


Bedrijvenpark Medel geschikt voor zwaar transport

Suitable for heavy transport

Business Park Medel does everything it can to guarantee accessibility, availability and quality for your drivers too. That means that your access routes, the roundabouts and the roads on the site are more than adequate for heavy transport. Whether it’s a one-off or every day.

Bedrijvenpark Medel truckwash

Truck wash

Communicating your company’s image doesn’t stop at the front door of your business premises. Your company vehicles and lorries are mobile ambassadors that all contribute towards your image. Whether you want to wash a lorry or car, the well-equipped truck wash next to the Van Dijkhuizen Service Station can do the job.

Bedrijvenpark Medel afgeschermd terrein

Protected site

Accessibility and a high-quality appearance are the two main cornerstones of Business Park Medel. Its car park at Business Park Medel is designed to be used by lorry drivers who have to wait to load or unload. This means public roads can be kept free of parked vehicles, and it might just save your driver a €95 fine. Because fines will be imposed!

Bedrijvenpark Medel tankstation

Fuel station

Environmental fuel facilities are an integral part of the philosophy of Business Park Medel. The Service station Van Dijkhuizen provides CNG for cars and vans and, from mid-2019, it will also provide LNG for lorries. Clean, cheap, safe and ready for the future. Electric cars can also be charged at Van Dijkhuizen, while you recharge your own batteries at ‘Bufkescorner’ in the filling station.