Short lines, quick answers

Business Park Medel organisation

You are running a business and time is money. Our organisation knows this all too well and ensures short waiting times, clear procedures and rapid decisions. The municipalities of Tiel and Neder-Betuwe work together in the ‘Industrieschap Medel’ where issues are allocated to a small team of experts with an office in the park. That same drive and energy can be found at the information desk, where all your questions about plot layout, conditions, environmental requirements, permits and architecture can be answered in one place. From the orientation phase all the way to delivery of your new premises.

A look to be proud of

Business Park Medel

Business Park Medel is being developed with an image quality plan as the blueprint, against which all designs and building plans are tested. The architect can ensure sketches align with the plan at an early stage and thus prevent unnecessary discussions later on. The aim is to provide a working environment where you can proudly welcome your clients. Beautifully maintained, fresh and green, contemporary and sustainable.

A genuine business park

Business park Medel park management

Your ambitions are shared by Business Park Medel. These ambitions are green and sustainable. This is reflected in the well-organised infrastructure, the attractive architecture and the park’s green character. The site’s natural surroundings are centred around two recreational ponds with bridges and pathways. Green oases that soften the park and offer a friendly welcome. Nature is never far away, and the park is therefore a pleasant area for working as well as relaxing. The term ‘park’ was chosen wisely; it is not just an empty word. Professional green management and maintenance and a focus on flora and fauna create an appealing landscape. Today and tomorrow.