An open government

A transparent government where government information is more findable and exchangeable. Simple and readily available information that is well preserved. These are the goals of the Open Government Act (Wet Open Overheid, Woo) in force since 1 May 2022, and we fully support it.

Public meetings

The meetings of the General Board are public, you can attend. Please register for this via Please find attached documents.

Information request

Are you looking for information? We may have already made it public. So please look elsewhere on our website first. Can’t find what you are looking for? Then submit an information request via or by calling +31(0)344 – 673 700. Our contact will send a response.

Woo request

The Woo requires the government to disclose and publish as much information as possible of its own accord. With a Woo request, you ask us to make documents on a particular subject public, not just for yourself, but for everyone.

Submit Woo request

Under the Woo, anyone may request disclosure of information on all administrative subjects of Industrieschap Medel. The (anonymised) Woo request, the Woo decision and the documents themselves are all published on the website of Industrieschap Medel.

Always state in the Woo request:
• that it is a Woo request;
• what administrative subject is involved;
• which or what kind of documents are involved;
• what period is involved;
• your contact details.

Address a request for information under the Woo to Industrieschap Medel.
• E-mail to
• Or put your question in writing (by post) to: Industrieschap Medel, Medelsestraat Oost 17, 4004 LE Tiel.
Woo requests received in any other way will not be processed by Industrieschap Medel.

Response deadline

After receiving the Woo request, you will receive a confirmation. If we have any questions about your Woo request first, we will contact you.

Industrieschap Medel has four weeks to make a decision on your Woo request. If necessary, this deadline may be extended by a further two weeks. You will then be notified of this.

If you disagree with the Woo decision, you can object to it. You may be able to lodge an appeal and appeal later. The Woo decision tells you exactly how to object or appeal.


For questions about the Woo, please contact us at or by phone on +31(0)344 – 673 700.